Spend your time on what matters

Let’s get you and your team to spend more time bringing qualified candidates on board, rather than screening and prospecting. Get a continuously updated list of active job seekers, ranked according to your preferences.

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Turn everyone into a recruiter

Some of the best applications don’t come from organic search, they come from friends of friends. Big and small companies name referrals as one of their most important talent sources. With that in mind, we’re building an ambassador account* in Lunar so you can invite your colleagues and keep them informed about jobs that they can share.

* Coming in Q3 2018

everyone is a recruiter

Don’t divide the pie, expand it

A larger than ever mass of educated, skilled people are looking for jobs. Don’t fight over talent, just expand the search. Find candidates that are willing to relocate, change function, learn new skills or experience new work environments.

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Many features.

One membership.

All free during the beta.

Candidate requirements

You can present your jobs easier by displaying desired and nice-to-have skills, location, required and preferred languages, years of experience and many more.

Talent sources

We’ll show you if your matches have signed up from an ambassador link or not, so you can keep track of organic and social traffic, and connect with candidates easier.

Direct contact

You can see all the profiles of candidates on the platform and use the messaging option to get in touch with them.

Candidate recommendations

You will get a feed of candidate recommendations updated every hour, ranked by the criteria you set up for each job.